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Britney shares a video singing ‘Oops I Did It Again’

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I’m just glad to hear her sing again, she’s obviously not perfect but it is so good to see her slowly dip back into something that was once her passion.

Also it is insane we’ve heard her sing live more since she’s been free than the 14 years of her being in a Conservatorship.

Try be nice, it is just for fun!

Britney captioned that she sounded ‘pretty flat’ but she liked doing it (singing) again.


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#JusticeForBritney ♡
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She actually sounds good here! I think she really has the potential to make different music than we've heard from her. But I guess first she has to clear her head, gain trust again for music people, and be ready to actually go back to the industry that caused her so much pain

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I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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She sounds amazing. Obviously the audio of a phone recording is not the same as the studio. Imagine what she could do in the studio. Hope she finds the confidence and passion back to one day share another album with us.

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Yes Britney siiiiing! Imagine her making a pop/rock song with her deep voice with Gaga candor Miley!!

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yas! It's not perfectly on pitch but that doesn't matter at all tbh, i can feel her soul and style and it's so good!

Listen to my debut pop single 'Want You Bad'! (link on Insta)
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