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Beyonce’s Grammy snubs go viral

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21 minutes ago, Sneaky Oliver said:

I think the main issue is she has been losing the AOTY award year after year after year even with HUGE records like self-titled and Lemonade. I don't think people are mad because of Renaissance alone. I think her past two records did deserve the award over Beck and Adele. The Beyoncé album was truly ground-breaking for the industry. If she only had won that Grammy before, losing this one would be okay.

Gaga, on the other hand, has also lost AOTY 4x times but even though I'm a Gaga stan, I think that's pretty understandable since the other nominees had more deserving records.

I don't think gagas snubs are any more understandable than beyonces which is why in reality, what is considered  most "deserving" is usually subjective, cuz to me there's no way in this world lemonade deserved over 25 which shattered world records and  had almost the same if not more cultural impact than lemonade , and was equally as critically acclaimed. Her only album thay truly deserved was self titled and i know its a hard pill to swallow for her stans but that's the truth. Also, When having this conversation it is important to consider the album she lost to and which other albums were also snubbed.


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Can we stop ruining peoples moments every year because beyonce didn't win album of the year, a lot of deserving artist who won last night are having their moments  overshadowed by this mess because a

Isn't she the most grammy-awarded female of all time?

Y'all are messy. She won scraps category, and always get shut out from the main 4 awards in the last 4 albums she did and nominated for. And this is the issue for everyone who protesting. 


there are more important things in the world than Beyonce the most awarded Grammy winner not being awarded another Grammy 

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