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Gaga Scores 4th Oscar Nomination For 'Hold My Hand'


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She did it y'all!   

and Applause, on ARTPOP's 10th Anniversary? We won

10 minutes ago, nodandsmile said:

if you hate a song so much you can just ignore its existence and focus on what you like lmfao

OT: legend :firega:


you were a perfect illusion
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1 hour ago, Dojo said:

omg she might even get it! i think she have a great great chance, lift me up is no competition at all

i am 100% sure the members of the Academy will hold her hand, once again

You just jinxed this like that Oscar nomination for House of Gucci saying it was on lock. :cyanlights:

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The  way that she could be the first female artist (or even musician) to have 3 Best Original Songs win (Shallow, Hold My Hand, and Joker2)

keep on looking for Psyduck
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This song is everything for me.

1) The song truly got me through 2022, one of the most challenging years of my life

2) I bawled my eyes out hearing it at Top Gun with my BFFs in the theatre

3) I saw her sing it live at TCB in NJ and it was one of the best moments of my life

I could go on. It was also my most listened to song of the year on Apple Music. Now we get to root for it at the Oscars! I am so excited and happy about this. 

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We are thankful for a nomination, because if it's not Natu Natu then they'll give it to Lift me up (for the message behind it I agree, but the song itself is so bland).


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1 hour ago, MessyTop said:

She ain’t winning. Sorry. 

She does not need to. She already won for Shallow. All we need is an amazing performance. But she does not need another win.

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Space Cowboy
1 hour ago, Meat said:

Lady Gaga is now the only female singer with three Best Original Song nominations. She also joins Barbra Streisand as the only female singers with at least four Oscar nominations :applause:

Wow, she really is constantly breaking records :heart:

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