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Beyoncé at her private gig in Dubai

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Sneaky Oliver

Oh god how exactly is the country benefiting from a once in a lifetime Beyonce concert? It’s not like it’s increasing tourism rates and stuff. It was a private show for a hotel launch, I don’t think that was the time or the place for a political speech

And as someone said before, there are Beyonce fans there and rich people can be fans too

She has just dropped an album almost entirely dedicated for the LGBTQ community

Too much bitterness over a single concert

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Wow, how can someone that is worshipped by so many LGBTQ+ people perform in a country like the UAE. The money must have tasted well. 

and not even a crumb for us broke bitches, not even one music video us gaga stans should never complain about lack of promo again, my heart goes out to all the beyonce stans getting such a good a

she isn't the only one, Kylie Minogue performed in Dubai on NYE  

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