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Madonna Celebration Tour updates - 35 shows sold out more added!


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Update: Billboard reports 35 shows sold out and she’s added more! Tour is selling out! https://www.billboard.com/pro/madonna-celebration-tour-sells-out-new-york-london-paris-minutes/?fbclid=IwAR2

Screaming!!   Why did I expect a simple greatest hits compilation video?!  I didn't need to know about Amy Schumer's husband's gaping h0le     

I’m super excited for this tour. It’s gonna be EPIC. I hope she will come to Greece. If she does I will sell my liver to see her!!   Did anyone noticed that the O in the poster reminds me

5 hours ago, Mr Mendes said:


Based on some of the things she said on the RHT, and of course all the chatter about the theaters for MX, I think she really did start to buy into the idea that people didn't care too much to see her anymore. Of course, that was never true, but it's what she's heard a lot of on social media and in the media. It's like they planned this first part of the tour cautiously optimistic of success and instead were given the highest demand she's had in years. 

Much of the demand can be attributed to it being a greatest hits show, which will definitely have pulled alot of lapsed fans back. I just hope she really gets what is behind the public enthusiasm for it and delivers the show the masses want (which isn't endless remixes or much of anything released after Confessions). It should be one of the all time great setlists by anyone.

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