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Bloody Mary music video


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Incredibly unlikely. However, I'd love to see Gaga release a Bloody Mary music video as a sequel to the Judas' music video. 10 years after Mary(Gaga) was stoned to death,  around the time of Easter, in the Judas music video. She comes back from the dead as Bloody Mary around the time of Christmas. She is more of a supernatural being whether considered ghost, demon, angel, etc. The imagery borrows from the Judas music video, catholic/christian symbols,  Nightmare Before Christmas,  etc.

Have it release either right before or after Christmas. It'd be symbolic given the Easter release of Judas, 10 years prior. she could have a lot of fun with revisiting the concept. It would also be a huge slap in the face to those who mocked her about it being album of the decade.

I also hope her team continues to push the song by pushing it to radio throughout Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Australia, etc. As well as hopefully getting it on TTH Playlist on Spotify. 

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Im hoping that it gets pushed as an official single and tops the billboard charts.

Im delusional i know:vegas:

Im in love with Nate Jacobs and i have never ever been happier.
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