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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet biggest debut in Nintendo history


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17 minutes ago, bionic said:

There are a few technical improvements that may benefit you but nothing too major IMO. If the price difference between the two is small I would be tempted to go for OLED but if the price is notable then I wouldn't bother.

I still play on my day 1 launch Switch

second this, i still play my day 1 switch and i think the screen is fine but i mostly play on my tv!

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that’s unfortunate because that will compel game freak to continue to cut corners 

It's so bittersweet. Just like with Legends Arceus and Sword/Shield, it's completely obvious that this release was rushed and the product is unfinished. The ideas at its core are great, but the execut

Not them selling over 10 million copies in 3 days. When will our faves?      


Kinda wish it would have flopped so that the corporate overlords would give them more time to work on each game :interestinga:

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47 minutes ago, pachinko said:


Sorry, my phone was acting up. I’m not on anything, I promise! :icega:

Should I get OLED if I plan to play on TV mode only? Does OLED only matter/differentiate playing on handheld mode? 

I got an OLED a year ago, as my first Switch. The screen is beautiful! It's huge, with vivid, deep colors. Handheld mode unexpectedly became my main method of using it. It's just so convenient, and the screen is really nice to look at.

Also, becausw the OLED's kickstand is larger, it makes tabletop mode feel more physically stable.  I have no worries my Switch would ever accidentally get knocked over while it's sitting out. I would highly recommend it as your first Switch, if you have the option. 


Diamonds & Dancefloors
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