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TCBT wasn't that great to me


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On 11/25/2022 at 3:01 AM, JesseX77X said:

I’ve attended every Gaga tour and I would like to know why you think it’s her best because it’s most definitely not. Was it a bad concert absolutely not but lazy and seemed like it was thrown together in a few weeks and kinda like she didn’t want to do it yes 100% and for me that’s not the Gaga I know. I just hope she’s doing okay because it seems like she’s losing her creative spark and making everything about ads and stuff lately.

she's a pop star, her career has been ads since day one

beats by dr dre, virgin mobile, vodka, LG, even plenty of fish lol

mother, what must i do?
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i think its her best tour 

First of all, don't come for me please, I'm just trying to express my opinion. The Chromatica Ball wasn't by any means a BAD show, it was great. It had great costumes, great dancing and great sin

no ma'am... TCB was THAT bitch. It was the highlight of this year. The flames, the tears, the naked people, the community, MONSTER!!!!, HOLD MY HAND!!!, THAT REPLAY CHOREO it was amazing I want

On 11/24/2022 at 6:02 PM, Tobcho said:

It felt manufactured and quickly churned out. Old songs, old choreos, old concepts recycled. This might work for other artists but it doesn't for her, because the verve of her original performances came from her commitment to the fantasy she was creating. Recycling these robotically feels like a knockoff. 

I struggled with the structure as well which felt disjointed and killed the flow. The 'acts' were unnecessary to me. Either commit to a concept or don't do one at all. 

I went to the first London show and the sound was off. The music didn't feel 'live', she just sang over the studio versions of the songs, and the beats didn't hit hard. It was all just a bit quiet...

Perhaps it was the stadium setting that forced her to act more impersonal than usual? I don't think the show was built as 'a stadium tour' though, it gave me theatre vibes ala madame X tour. For me, it would have landed better in that type of venue.


I somewhat agree but also somewhat disagree. I don't think it was lazy, but I think she leaned too heavily on her gp discography. She played just about every song from Chromatica which was great, but I think she leaned too hard into TFM. I would have loved to seen perfect illusion, though people said she had a hard time performing it even during JWT. But John Wayne and Dancin In Circles would have been great. As well as Applause. It sucks that the album I really became a fan during is the album paid dust by her, although I understand. The choreo makes sense, although it was a bit lame at time (but I also understand that it's due to her bodily ability to perform harder choreo). I did really like the stage though, the brutalism art style is pretty interesting although stripped back. Narratively I think the setlist was based around it and I think that's why the stage was "boring". There's not much set design she could have done because of the viewing angles and how things would have been obstructed. Overall I feel like Gaga told the story well, and I think it borrows from her personal life/career well. I wonder if all TFM songs are telling of her feeling towards her professional life at the time and she's experiencing some harsh feelings towards fame/the music industry right now. Or if she highlights it as part of her past and is heading in a new direction artistically. It's become obvious that each of Gaga's projects either highlight something very personal at any given time or she uses a single project as a stepping stone towards a larger project/persona/era. So it'll be interesting to see how she plans to evolve artistically. 

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When we compare TCBT to the other artists tour I can say that it's amazing, it's artistic, it's clean and approachable for GP but when we compare to her other tours I can totally understand where you coming from and agree with you. I understand her vision with clean stage, with clean choreography but it was her first stadium tour and I think every monster was waiting for something huge, huge stage, huge props, huge dresses that can cover stage, fireworks, holograms, bigger dance crew. These shortcomings may be related to the budget given or lack of vision in the haus of gaga.

It was still an amazing tour but it was missing ''she is that bitch'' moment for me but I can't wait for DVD to come out and watch everyday. 

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Lady Dimitrescu

Best tour I've been to personally and I've attended BWTB, artRAVE and Joanne Tour as well as CBT. By best tour I mean the atmosphere was out of this world, first stadium show I've been to and you could tell how happy and excited Gaga was performing. JWT has a special place in my heart, as she stood right in front of me (just a barricade separating us) as the Monster next to me had his letter read out just before The Cure and that was the highlight of my life. However I feel like this was THE tour, post-COVID it was ethereal being able to go to a concert, it felt like the closure to the Chromatica we all needed and deserved. It was just high energy the whole night, I can't describe it. I know maybe story wise it was not the most obvious what she was getting at but I felt like I understood all the acts and the metaphors she put in the show (being trapped at the beginning to show the dark side of fame, becoming free then ending with the message that she will be with us forever.) And Replay (!!!) I almost passed out when she sang it! I really hope she performs in the next tour/residency, it was another level live. 

Stressed, depressed but well dressed (sometimes).
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I'm curious, what is the purpose of this?

Every tour, every album, every song, every era, every performance is going to have people reacting both positively and negatively. Why choose to start a whole thread just to bash this particular tour and go on and on about how it wasn't so great for you?

We get it. You didn't think the show was great. Okay, what do you want, to feel validated by getting other comments with similar opinions? I don't mean to sound rude but really, what is the purpose of this.

Little Managers strike once again.

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@JoanneMonsterI totally understand your point of view.

I thought the same to be honest.

Her performance and vocals were amazing, but I was missing the heart and campiness. The things I fell in love with her in the first place.

I made a video of the whole Concert, at the end I summarize my thoughts to the tour and talk about most of the things you mentioned.


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