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Colorado Shooter is claiming to be Non-binary


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I don’t care if he identifies as a wet cardboard box. Lock him up for life and throw away the key.

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I honestly think he is just saying this to avoid hate crimes charges!  Smh   

Bullsh*t. His defense attorney is claiming that he is, likely as a way to get him off for his hate crime charges.  He was a known homophobe: Posting this thread with the title "Colorado

Nope. I don’t buy it. I’ll be the first to apologize if I am wrong, but this is a cheap, lazy, and overall completely disrespectful thing to claim when it is convenient to your narrative. It’s not to

21 hours ago, RihBeyGa said:

Why are you sharing a Blair white tweet? Do you know whose side she’s on ?? 

I guess I am so out of the loop!  Who is Blair White exactly??  🤔


Egypt. W
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