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Which old Gaga song should be a 2022 single?

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With Tay Tay's re-release success, The Weeknd's Die For You resurfacing on TikTok, and the summer of Kate Bush, a song being from an old album no longer means it can't find modern success.

Which Gaga song do you think could become a retroactive hit in 2022, from any of her albums?

For me:

- A Bloody Mary music video could really put it over the top considering it already makes the rounds on TikTok

- Sexxx Dreams remix!

- Dancin in Circles

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-Bloody Mary is a great one. It has a spooky, chilling, ethereal vibe that I think would do well in a post-Billie and post-Lana musical landscape. It doesn’t hit you over the head like a typical Gaga song, instead it creeps up on you. It’s catchy and singable too.

-Heavy Metal Lover, for the same reasons as above, plus it’s always been a fantastic song.

I was then looking through her catalog to find something that reminds me of Renaissance, but sadly I couldn’t think of anything. 

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Monster y’all! The 80s sonic scape is huge rn, and as always Gaga did it way back then with an edge or authenticity that others miss

Imagine if she had dropped a video for it at the end of TCB and they added it in playlists for Halloween

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Sexxx Dreams (Remix) [feat. Rihanna] as lead single for ARTPOP 10th Year Anniversary Special Edition Re-release (including songs from ACT II) :sis:

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