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The Final Cut: Choose your fighters

Maxine Puth

The Final Cut: Choose your fighters  

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  1. 1. The Final Cut: Choose your fighters

    • Song Choice 1: The Cure
    • Song Choice 1: Heal Me
    • Song Choice 2: Swine
    • Song Choice 2: Donatella
    • Song Choice 3: Summerboy
    • Song Choice 3: Paparazzi

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Maxine Puth

Let’s pretend Gaga is finalizing the new Enigma setlist, but she’s stuck on three different song choice. It’s up to you to decide which stays. :ally: Who will win monsters? 

Song Choice 1: The Cure vs. Heal Me

Gaga wants a song about healing, but doesn’t know which to choose. The Cure is always a safe bet, and it was a moderate hit. Many locals and fans enjoy it. Heal Me, on the other hand, has never been performed live and could provide something new to her set list. 

Song Choice 2: Swine vs. Donatella

Rave! Rave! Rave! Gaga wants to include an ARTPOP deep cut on the setlist, but can’t decide between these two high energy songs. 

Song Choice 3: Summerboy vs. Paparazzi

Let’s do something a bit chaotic :vegas: Summerboy is loved by many stans despite sounding so different from the rest of her discography. It also never had a spot on any of Gaga’s tours, so it’s been severely under performed. With Gaga’s choice to not perform Paparazzi during the Chromatica ball tour (but doing Monster) it’s not entirely unrealistic that she swaps it out for a b side. But it’s up to you which one she does.  

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The Cure, Swine and Paparazzi.

8 minutes ago, Maxine Puth said:

Summerboy is loved by many stans 

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