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Pop songs don’t have key changes anymore

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Guillaume Hamon
4 hours ago, tmo13 said:

that key change is soooo good and the outro omg 

i feel like key changes are coming back lol Rina Sawayama uses them a lot on Hold the Girl 

I mean it's so rare now that you'll sound quite edgy doing one. :)

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Funny you say this cause this Reddit comment I found nnn   

The last key change I remember was the one in Perfect Illusion 

*Radio pop songs. There are plenty of soulful, impactful, powerful pop songs out there you just won’t hear them on them on the radio. Music’s never been more interesting than it is now, it’s just


I still don’t understand why people think key changes are cheesy. I think that anticipation and build up to an unexpected soaring finish (when done correctly) is what pop perfection is made of. It’s just such a satisfying payoff. 

I don't understand pineapples, so I don't eat bananas.
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