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is Taylor's success becoming too much?

is Taylor's success becoming too much?   

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  1. 1. is Taylor's success becoming too much?

    • Yes, quite scary tbh
    • No, normal for her iconic standards

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I'm not Taylor's biggest fan but let's be honest, if this was Gaga we wouldn't be asking this question.

if this was Gaga, we'd be the most insufferable people on the planet, even passing the bts fans 

The Unseasoned Chicken of Pop 

6 hours ago, Dojo said:

Is this even her peak? I don't think so lol

Sparkles Wow GIF by Taylor Swift

It’s a new peak :giveup: best believe there will be more :vegas: fearless was her peak til 89 (red came close!) then folklore became her second peak right under 89 (89 THEE force to be reckoned with) THEN redTV outpeaked some of her stuff which is interesting as it’s a “re-release” of sorts (but wasn’t her biggest peak) UNTIL NOW WITH MIDNIGHTS :giveup: 

in terms of just general charts and sales and stuff

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When it comes to tour, it seems like we may have a problem at the moment but it could just be cause this time around she’s had 4 new albums since her last tour (2 of which arguably repeaks in her career folklore/midnights), Covid situation is improving and people miss grand concerts like hers. But when it comes to album sales, sis it’s totally normal, people are just buying/streaming what they like. It’s not insane, there are many albums that sold triple of what most of Taylor’s album sell, same with her singles. It’s just she’s selling in a time where things aren’t selling, which is why y’all surprised pikachu facing the situation. 

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7 hours ago, Pennywise said:

if this was Gaga, we'd be the most insufferable people on the planet, even passing the bts fans :billie:

girl we used to be :messga:

mother, what must i do?
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8 hours ago, PartySick said:

Wait. Stop.

You're trolling, right? :laughga: last I checked, even Mariah Carey and Eminem outsold her in total album sales, let alone the actual legends like MJ, The Beatles, Madonna, etc.

There are some estimates that put MJ's album sales alone in the 750 million range. Good first week streaming numbers from a dedicated stan base and a Ticketmaster scandal ain't touching that, be serious. And tour revenue counts for f*ckall when tickets are going for $75,000 each :deadbanana:

I have no idea what the initial question means though. Is she at risk of overexposure? No, the only people tired of hearing her name are people who find her dreadfully boring (hi, it's me, I'm the problem).


Not to mention the HIStory tour alone had 4.5million tickets sold and the only US dates were in Hawaii :ladyhaha:

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Her music appeals to all kinds of people. Kids, teens, females across all age groups... no wonder she is so big now.. I wonder if we will see another female star as big as her in our lifetime. 

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Recently I have been kind of overwhelmed by other stuff (some personal emotional stuff I cannot talk about here because it can be triggering as I suffer from anxiety OCD etc and my long term psychotherapy ended after 7 years and I am kind of hopeless right now) so I didn't really focus on pop culture or entertainment news that much lately, but I think I saw on Google that apparently Taylor Swift is also a Scorpio Rising like me? Correct me if I'm wrong lol. So I immediately felt like holy sh*t, that's why she is so passionate as an artist (obviously Gaga is my fave female artist from the US, btw my sister loves MJ's music so I ordered her the Thriller 40th Anniversary Double Disc CD + Vinyl as Xmas presents, because I love her so much and she deserves it), and since I make so many projects and albums too and I always aim to finish what I started, even though I am not a commercial electronic music artist, I can relate to her in some way, even if I am not a big fan of her music, but you can't deny she is very talented and successful and a great songwriter for many reasons! I feel like people are just jealous of her power because she happens to be a woman. Misogynists can keep crying lol. Obviously big commercial pop artists always have these labels and things some people like to call "machines" so that they can get added to big playlists and radio and stuff, so I feel like people just need to accept it and move on. I feel like even if some big artist did or said something horrible in real life maybe it is OK to be curious about their music or art despite that, but of course I wouldn't want to support an artist like that too much personally...but listening to someone like Azealia Banks (for example, I don't even listen to her music, but still) every once in a while should be fine. Just saying. Love, TONZA :staymad::koons::heart:

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