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Alice live at the CBT in Düsseldorf and Dallas


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Let‘s take a moment to appreciate the outstanding performances of Alice in Düsseldorf and Dallas. The long belt in Düsseldorf and the harmonies in Dallas take the song to a whole new level imo.  :firega:

Düsseldorf (from 3:00):


Dallas (from 3:10):


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the second that harmony is beautiful!!! Love how she always play with her melody when she sings live, it’s so cool!!!

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I know many weren't a fan of this rock-ish arrangement, but I actually kinda like it. Keen to see this one when TCB blu ray drops

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love it!


I wish people would have captured her and the main background screen in their videos of this performance. The video effects elevated the performance! 

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Alice was amazing live, they only thing I wished for is that they bumped the bass a bit more like on the studio version but other than that her singing was absolutely amazing and the interlude leading into the song gave me shivers.

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