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2 minutes ago, PartySick said:

Eh, it's kinda up in the air actually. Plenty of people understand inflation is a global issue and that the US is doing much better than a lot of countries right now.

Meanwhile, Republicans' culture wars have turned off a lot of people.

So I guess we'll see.

I hope you’re right!  :green:


Egypt. W
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2 minutes ago, En_Sabah_Nur said:

I hope you’re right!  :green:


Who was it...Michael Moore? The one that's basically been predicting elections correctly since Trump won? He says there's a massive blue wave coming, mainly 'cause most voters are sick of the Republicans' sh*t. The death of Roe v. Wade is a massive part of it, along with the Jan 6th insurrection, the anti-LGBT and anti-POC stuff, the threats to medicare and social security, and the stupid stunts like DeSantis trafficking legal immigrants to Maryland.

Plus GOP candidates just come off as...stupid...MTG, Lauren Bobo, Matt Gaetz, Mehmet Oz, and have you seen the GA senate debate?! Herschel Walker literally pulled out a fake badge after being accused of impersonating a cop, then he says, and I quote, "I am work with many police officers" before being reminded of the rule against using props in debates...then not understanding that, legitimate or not, the badge is a prop :rip: that whole debate is so one sided in Warnock's favor, GA would be just as stupid as Walker to not keep him.

Demmings is running ads in FL talking about her service as a police officer and corruption in DC, her opponent Rubio is running ads about "the left wanting to turn little boys into girls".

Crist is running ads about his former service as governor and how he can partner with Pres. Biden to return FL to economic greatness, his opponent DeSantis is running ads about "rampant socialism in the fake-president's regime" and "using Ukraine to launder money and also protect Hunter Biden from laptop related crimes".

It's just all accumulating so much that the average voter is starting to see how Republicans are extremists, morons, and have no real policy other than "fuq them thar libs and blacks and gays and trannies cuz I want muneh".

The left is galvanized like never before as we recover from covid, support our ally in one of the first major conflicts of its kind since WWII, and watch as civil rights are stripped from women, POC, and the LGBT community.

The center is leaning left and largely supports the same things socially, they just tend to be more fiscally conservative so things like student loan debt relief might turn off a few of them and still win others over.

And the right is either insanely spiteful and ignorant and will do whatever Fox News tells them to do or they're unmotivated and staying home.

Not counting our chickens before they hatch but I've got my fingers crossed. There's no reason we shouldn't keep congress but...again, we'll see. Americans' stupidity has surprised us before.

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