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Ozzy Osbourne debuts make-up collection


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Rock and Roll Beauty announced the release of their Ozzy Osbourne limited-edition beauty collection.

The 21-piece collection exudes a rock and roll vibe and commemorates Ozzy with product and shadows named after his signature songs, "iron man", "zombie stomp", and "crazy train" featured in the 14-pan eye shadow palettes. The collection also features candles to conjure the spirit of the rock gods, Ozzy styled body tattoos, dark "metal", lipsticks, cosmetic bags, and a gothic mirror!  These highly pigmented products are designed to give you a bold, precise look, inspired by the Prince of Darkness himself. Available exclusively in select Ulta Beauty stores nationwide and on Rock and Roll Beauty website.



Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all the submissions?? Do we have all the votes?? Am I winning??
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Stevies Cockatoo

it's cool that society is more accepting towards men in makeup and beauty :woot:

she/her, your iconic lesbo
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Joshie S

I've been watching the reality show for the first time ever and I gotta say I'm hooked, it's soooo funny and kinda cool to see their lives. 

The branding is on POINT! However I do have to say that every celeb has a beauty brand these days.. I know I know, well that's too bad...... but what will the next trend be? 

The melody that you choose can rescue you ♥ #FreeKesha
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it looks so cool omg


I legit thought the title said 'ozzy osbourne debuts makeup tutorial' though and i was screaming

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This gets a big consumerist YASSSSSSSSSS!!!! from me lol

Exactly the unnecessary celebrity beauty brand the world needs right now :legend:

I love how the packaging for the creme stick collection looks like a fancy cigarette box :laughga:

God created Adam and Eve, but Gọdga collabed with Brian🎺 and Steve🎷
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