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PHOTO: Gaga leaving a restaurant tonight in Chicago

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pink sushi

Omg I just realized that I will be going downtown this week to see this show. I will could be so close to her. :eek:

Its wasn't even that cold today in chicago :wtf:

It was like in the 30s.....and at night it gets especially cold.... :fat:

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Lol @ the guy in the end saying

'This is the eight time I'm giving u my twitter Gaga!'

Maby it's a silent hint of Gaga not wanting your twitter :lolgaga:

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I'm just wondering if people have tied her fur wearing into the fact that her hair color is now based on her natural color, as if the fur signifies that she's going to get more raw and real in the future. Perhaps she doesn't even believe in wearing fur still, and it is just a juxtoposition of where she was in her career a few years ago, when she was going through a wide range of artificial things, such as multiple accents and random things to make the public like her and get attention. Perhaps the fur is just another forced difficulty she's inserting into her career because she wants people to object her. I also think of the fur as comparable to the meat that she wore. Perhaps, bones, meat, fur are a realistic order. Anyway, the lips and some other things coincide with the brown hair and fur simply because she's transforming like a surrealist art piece, and if one thing about her is too "real" or "genuine," she has to, (at this point still), make something else ambiguous, amplified and represent something that usually would be inherently beautiful in a tradional way, but in an entirely new way.

Anyway, I thought I would comment on the fur thing here, seeing as how it won't let me make my own thread. :(

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Any ideas on why she's in Chicago?

Unless of course, Taylor :teehee:

Chicago was where BTW was mastered sooo maybe something ARTPOP related.

Also, those fans were so awkward lol. That one dude was like 'were gettin too wild guys take it down a notch' :laughga: and then that one kid tried putting that necklace on her :fail:

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