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Russia to mobilize 1.2 Million men


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Slightly on topic: I read some texts written by pro-Russian propagandists about how the URSS was good and Gorbachev was a Western agent and all and now I have 10 braincells left. :glamourpuss:

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3 hours ago, PartySick said:

Just don't do it here please xoxo

Even though we very much agree with the sentiment xoxo

That's gossip.

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This is genuinely insane. Like that's a third of the population of my home country. 

I'm very worried for the amount of Ukrainians who will suffer as a result of this mobilization, I rlly hope it won't give Russians the upper hand but that's so many people that are being mobilized I'm worried it will. 

Plus they are reported to have been mobilizing disproportionately more ethnic minorities who've historically fought oppression in Russia cuz... ofc they are.

Transsexual Extroardinare
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4th Street

It is chilling and sad that the greatest songwriter of all time released this back in 1963 and nothing has changed to this day, it is still as relevant as ever and I fear it always will be.


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