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Ukraine regains control over 4 settlements in the east of the country


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In the last 24 hours, the hotspot of fighting in Ukraine was in the east. Most note-worthy developments were reported in the region along the Kharkiv-Luhansk administrative broder and in northern Donetsk. Here it was made public the Ukrainians recaptured the settlements of Krymky, Oleksandrivka and Korovii Yar. 

Today Ukrainians also managed to take control of Yatskivka.

The villages of Lozove and Rubtsi, north of Dobysheve - now revealed to be under Russian occupation - are now contested.

The assault on the city of Lyman continues, with unconfirmed rumors saying Ukraine managed to make an even bigger breakthrough in the north of Donetsk/ east of Oskil river.

Russian sources said Ukrainians withdrew from eastern Bakhmut yesterday, however, today Ukraine claims that Russia lost ground even around Bakhmut - the only region where the Russians were make advancements in the past month.

According to ISW, fighting also took place in the south of Donetsk, where the Russians are pushing to gain new ground and in Kherson, region with developments which are meant to be left under silence. Here Russian sources also talk about repelled Ukrainian attacks on the settlement of Pisky- in the vicinity of Donetsk city.


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