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Prince Harry learned of Queen’s death from online report: palace sources

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9 hours ago, NATAH said:

lol... and you think that's meghan and harry's fault? not the queen protecting prince andrew? if my grandmother did that, she'd never hear from me again :bye:

Talking like royal family can be just like any general family lmao...

Again, it's about this news, which is highly untrue. But if it's true, it IS something wrong.

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Prince Harry desperately tried to make it to his grandmother’s bedside to say farewell — but only found out that she had died by reading online reports, multiple palace sources told Page Six. One

He should have been informed by someone in his immediate family. What's not clicking?   

Media (US especially) want to see ppl turn against the royal family and stand by Harry/Meghan's side so badly and you guys easily fell for it.  

12 hours ago, Borisapillar said:

This can happen when you live in a different state, country, or continent than your loved one.

It's not that. And not that simple. He is clearly already been  ostracized once he decided to step out, by doing that he is already chose his life over his clan, just like his great uncle before him, Edward, who married Wallis, which marriage also caused a lot of opinion,  and moved to France. He never was invited to any occasions involving Royals til his death.  

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6 hours ago, Galagala said:

Ugh it's about tablet fake news and you guys can easily fall for any "palace resources" as if there are real evidence. 

This is how media work for this kind of controversy.

See here’s the thing. I have no knowledge of tabloids (which I pay absolutely no attention to). I don’t know A LOT about the royals or many people in power. I know just enough. In America we don’t learn too much about these types of things other than tabloids, the BBC, other news sources online if you look for them yourself. The news coverage here is different & VERY opinionated. It’s not straight facts or reporting of the actual news (which is part of why I don’t watch it at all and is part of your point of believing everything we see/ hear/ read/ etc). I’ve been personally trying to do better with learning so I’m more aware of things in the world. My initial point was I don’t care about someone’s status. I don’t care they are royalty. Regardless, they are human beings and I fully believe he had every right to know about his grandmother’s passing if it is true he was not informed by the family and had to find out via news. The photos I have seen, he’s looked very sad, very upset. She was still his grandmother at the end of the day and everyone handles grief differently, even if the person that passed was not necessarily good to them. I feel like people forget at the end of the day, your status in life doesn’t mean much. Yeah, sure you can leave an impact depending on how you carry yourself through life, the people you effect, but we’re all still skin, guts, & bones. She was a family member to him and it’s just basic human respect to inform him imo. That’s all I was really trying to say, and my initial reaction to the OP was an emotion of disgust. I’m a VERY emotional human so naturally it’s gonna happen. I understand what you’re trying to say, but I’m not really sure what else to tell you to help explain what I was trying to express any better. I’m not the best at articulating (I’m actually autistic), so excuse me if something I said is misunderstood or doesn’t make perfect sense

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