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Your top 5: Miley Cyrus


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5 hours ago, M i K E Y said:

1. SPACE BOOTZ (this song is everything)

2. D.R.E.A.M.

3. Unholy

4. Gimme What I Want

5. Someone Else

the TAAAASTEEE i might as well stan u

the last thing the world needs is another feet lover, but that's TOO BAD
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8 hours ago, The Fame Monster said:

1. Slide Away from My DMs

Slide Fail GIF by Barstool Sports

2. Who Owns My Heart? (Henry Cavill Does)

henry cavill babe GIF

3. Malibu, Baby


4. Can’t Be Tam(ed)ar Braxton

tamar braxton child GIF

5. Younger Now, Older Tomorrow

lana del rey GIF

I can't at Younger Now, Older Tomorrow :smh:

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In no order I would say some of my favorites are:

Never Be Me
See You Again
Botton Of The Ocean
Liberty Walk 

Honestly Can't Be Tamed and Breakout are underrated

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