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Julia Fox steps out in bralaclava during Milan Fashion Week

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Just now, Cello said:

It's just slay after slay with this queen 

Slay after slay after we're done with BFYL :deadbanana:

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she's so interesting, I love her so much!!!

If you have some rad remixes you made laying around, send it to me!!
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1 minute ago, myluis617 said:

What did she do before she dated Kanye? 

She acted in Uncah Jhaaams 

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1 hour ago, myluis617 said:

Never seen that movie… 

Ok… Watch it then 

slay queen the fashion icon that she is

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Hold My Ham
20 minutes ago, BUtterfield 8 said:

I read baklava at first and thought she was dressed in this LMFAOO 


When I was in 4th grade, my teacher got a thank you gift box from another student. It had different pastries in it, one of which being baklava. When she opened it and saw, I remember her gasping and saying in this really creepy voice "BAAAAAKLAVAAAAA," repeating it a few times. It's always stuck with me.

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