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Brad Pitt debuts skin care line, doesn't give a **** about skin care

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Brad Pitt has not read the beauty tutorial memo. “What’s your regimen?” I ask, with a certain amount of trepidation. “Can we have a product demonstration? Pitt balks, smiling. “I’m not doing that!”

“Maybe just talk about how your routine has evolved, then? Just don’t make it too QVC,” I suggest to the Academy Award–winning actor, hoping he might warm to the idea of applying face creams while being filmed. “I wouldn’t know how to do that, unless it was a comedy,” Pitt says, laughing.

"Have you always had a good skin care routine?"
[Very long pause.] No.

"So, what do you do? Gua sha?"
I don’t even know what that is.

Rarely. I get antsy.

"Did you ever imagine yourself as a beauty baron?"
[Laughs.] I’m not sure what a beauty baron is…

Source: https://www.vogue.com/article/le-domaine-brad-pitt-chateau-miraval

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At least he isn't pretending he knows sh!t about skin care lol. I feel like he found out how much Rhianna makes and since he got money for the start-up, he decided to find a skin care company and slap his name on it and treat it like one of those fragrance endorsements.

I wouldnt buy it lol. You know the industry is saturated with skin care products when people like him who knows nothing about it but the money aspect joins in.

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It'd have been super funny if he did interviews like "I've always been passionate about skin care since I was 13 years old. There can be a hundred people in a room and 99 do not wear sunscreen but all it takes is for one customer that wants to wear it and that's enough to me".

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He should have just said, this company offered me $$$ to license my name for these products, I said why not.  

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1 hour ago, MACATL said:

His face certainly looks like he’s never had a routine… 

I'm really surprised by this, there are a few celebs that look like they've never even used a moisturizer... I don't mean to body shame anyone, because skin aging is completely natural and looks different on everyone, but you'd expect a movie star to at least look moisturized.

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