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16 hours ago, Sherry said:

Alice in Wonderland theme or Monsters. Nothing else please. We have had so much recovery and healing journeys that if I had an accident at this point, I'll be feeling already healed. :saladga:

The 'ALICE' Residency would be so cool. She could take us down the rabbit hole to some kind of hyperrealist wonderland. I'd so be here for it.

subtext / fantasy
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wait what if it's a 10th anniversary of ARTPOP: return of the artrave residency :udidnt:

probably the only way to get fans to actually praise a vegas show of hers lol

mother, what must i do?
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5 minutes ago, NATAH said:

wait what if it's a 10th anniversary of ARTPOP: return of the artrave residency :udidnt:

probably the only way to get fans to actually praise a vegas show of hers lol

This simultaneously makes me mad and excited, idk why :ladyhaha:

I'd soooo be here for a bright show like the artRAVE was though. Most of her shows and visuals are so dark, literally and thematically. The artRAVE stands out as this gigantic rainbow strobe light mixed in with all her emo sisters and their pink hat cousin :enigma:

So, drawing inspiration from it and crafting a fairytale narrative of some kind around it would be so fun :flutter:

And we could finally see a couple ARTPOP songs alongside Chromatica :ladyhaha:

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An idea: a story built around her last few albums...in a way.

Create a narrative where her character was born (Born This Way), she rebelled (ARTPOP), she reflected (Joanne), and she found peace (Chromatica).

Each segment wouldn't necessarily have to have songs from those albums but each album has its overarching theme and I think they could make interesting themes to follow from one act to the next :flutter:

If it's going to be another greatest hits styled show, that'd be a cute way to reflect on her more personal works :flutter:

Daffodils and pale red carnations
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it should still be called Enigma but no tacky story line. 

i want to see hair bows, meat dresses, eggs, lobsters, blood, latex, disco sticks, bradley cooper holograms, koons balls 


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...I made a thing :enigma:


Lady Gaga - Monster (the residency)

I'm imagining a story told about a fictional yet-to-be-named wastelander played by Gaga set on a dynamic stage that can mutate and transform between acts.

We open with an introduction video showing a ravaged Earth (or another home planet). Cities on fire, barren wastelands full of twisted metal, a sickly green haze in the sky, unrest in the streets. The video lands itself in one specific scene - two bands of wasteland looking scavengers staring each other down on top of a ruined skyscraper. Gaga's the leader of one. They break out into a fight and Gaga's pushed off the building and falls onto the stage, flames (as high as they can be indoors) and fog fill the room.

- Marry the Night (dancers join on the second verse, they fight during the reprise while Gaga plays her first custom "scrap metal" keytar)
- Heavy Metal Lover (helicopters whirl overhead through this song, wind effects are used on the audience and spotlights shine down. After the song, government agents in white suits approach Gaga and give her the mission to venture into space and find a new home for humanity)
- Venus (I mean...she's blasting off into space so...)

Interlude one - "The Launch" video. Elements of Venus and Electric Chapel. Self explanatory, it's a rocket launch. The stage is transformed into a hi-tech looking area. Blinking lights, levers, buttons, computer tech and the like.

- Electric Chapel (the intense g-forces trigger a hallucination where Gaga imagines the types of homes she could find)
- Just Dance (shortened - she plays her second custom keytar which is designed to look space aged, clean, and slick)
- Poker Face (shortened) / Telephone (shortened)
- Babylon ("battle for your life")

Interlude two - "The Alien" video. Elements of Babylon, the Twilight Zone theme. Show the alien stirring in dark corners of the ship. Very Ridley Scott. The stage is transformed into a damp looking gun metal grey space filled with chains, crates, and steel.

- Threatened (Michael Jackson cover, shortened. Ends with the Rod Serling rap, "an unknown monster is about to emark, from the far corner out of the dark, this particular monster can read minds, be in two places at the same time, this is judgement night, execution, slaughter, the devil, ghost, this monster is torture, you can be sure of one thing, that's fate, a human presence that can feel strange, a monster you can see disappear, a monster the worst thing to fear")
- Monster (choreography is centered around escaping the alien on their spacecraft) 
- Swine (the alien captures Gaga and takes her to the bowels of the ship where she sings a bit of Swine set to a melancholy string arrangement, before breaking out into a revamped and rageful version)
- Replay (her crewmates find and kill the alien, they rescue Gaga)

Interlude three - "The Passion" video. Elements of Replay and Sexxx Dreams. Zero-G sexxx with one of her heros that saved her from the alien. The stage is transformed to look emptier as the dynamic walls/screens show stars flying by with silhouettes of lovers entangled cast on them.

- Sexxx Dreams (Gaga is lowered from a raised position hanging upside down for the first verse and chorus)
- Dancin' in Circles
- Perfect Illusion

Interlude four - "The Journey" video. Elements of Yoü and I and Shallow. Ends with a spoken poem written by Gaga that opens into the guitars from Shallow while Gaga rises from the center stage lying on a piano that looks pulled directly from an alien rainforest. It doubles as both a piano in the front and a mini stage on the back. Gaga is wearing a dress similar to the living dress, it moves and breathes, but it's floral and plant themed.

- Shallow 
- Dope (a reprise including "I Wanna Be With You" is performed)
- The Edge of Glory (first verse and chorus are acoustic, studio version for the rest)
- Enigma

Interlude five - "The Landing" video. Elements of Enigma and Chromatica III. Gaga's ship lands on a paradise planet and Gaga reflects on their journey. The stage transforms into a grassland with holograms of alien animals about. Herds of grazers on the sides of the stage, flying bird-like animals above the audience, and general shifting nature scenes throughout the next two songs.

- Sine From Above
- Born This Way

Encore - "The Pearl" video. Elements of Born This Way. Years have passed, great cities have been built, the stage is transformed into a pristine, pearly space. Gaga and her crewmates - the leaders of this brave new world - rise from the stage in white outfits with red accents.

- Bad Romance
- Rain on Me
- Hold my Hand
- (New Single)


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if ENIGMA could change its theme to another one i'd like it be called BABYLON.
she could creates the hanging garden for stage, serve it ancient city style for us :huntyga:
moreover, i really want her to sing and dance on the planet chromatica, but that might never going to happen lol
so i rest the hope on BABYLON.


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all I know so far: bookmark me

MARCH 2023


(Not in this order) setlist includes: 



Rain On Me

Born This Way


The Cure


Bad Romance 

1 unreleased (Deep Blue or Frankenstein) 

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I imagined it might be a concept related to the old forest concept of Chromatica. In the beginning, gaga and her friends are creatures that live in happiness and harmony in the forest (in this part, there is a colorful, extraterrestrial forest and colorful alien-style clothes and Born This Way or Stupid Love can be played).In the later parts, story goes how the forest was destroyed and gaga and his friends got sick with an airborne disease (a reference to corona and air pollution clothing may also be made of latex, appearing infected and deformed bodies) then the villains who destroy the forest are defeated and gaga and her friends are healed (flaming battlefields or battle scenes can be used, in this part alejandro or mary the night can be played, costumes contain gas masks or weapons.) As a closing, a big celebration is held in the forest, which is green again. (in this part, rain on me or the cure can be played for the closing and we see the forest greening up and sprouting again.)

Intro : Welcome To The Forest
Born This Way
Stupid Love
Just dance

Intro : Pollusion / Chromatica 1
Perfect illusion
Bloody mary

Intro : War / Chromatica 2

Intro : Sign Of Forest Spirits 
The edge of glory
You and ı (or MR or ARUTW)
Poker Face

Intro : Victory Of Nature
Bad Romance
Rain on me
The Cure

Hold My Hand


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