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I hope DJWS or Garibay is on the next record and I hope she's more hands-on with it; Not really a BloodPop fan, I don't think he made good calls when it came to songs like Free Woman and 1000 Doves changing genre, but I assume he'll be on the record and I've made peace with that

I'd love a primarily rock-leaning record (something like You And I/Something Crazy/Diamond Heart maybe) or especially something more avant-garde like Trigger

Also please, for the love of God, release ARTPOP: Act II! I'm gonna have a mental break if one more song is sold off to a random act like how Sia reworked Partynauseous and that other girl got Nothing On :ph34r: I don't care if the promo is non-existent, find 10-15 complete tracks (and one of them must be Princess Die), get them mastered, put a logo over one of the Inez and Vinoodh pics, drop it on iTunes one day and you're good!

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It’s so funny how we literally have zero clues about LG7. Like not even a sliver, not even a drop.

Please tag @FATCAT if you see anything that needs updating! Legacy Thread  

let’s go LG7 #2025radioisours

I want her to wear Jean skirts and have a pure acoustic album referencing Enya and whatever Lorde tried on Solar Power :enigma:

.・゜゜・ ✺◟(⍤ಎ⍤)◞✺ ・゜゜・.
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I would love for Gaga to double down on the surrealistic poetry vibes of her "Veils" interlude,

Something contemplative, profound and ominous. :icega:

This life is only art / On life’s support / And nature is knight / No king or court
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I just want Gaga to work with people she feels good working with. No toxic behavior or anything that could bring her back to some toxic and bad habits.

I love seeing her happy and healthy. 

I fine with anyone fitting those positive vibes, new or old collaborators. 

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Why does everyone think we won’t get LG7 until after Joker 2?  Yes she begins filming in a few months, but the first Joker only took three months to film, so that would take us to around March of 2023.  Someone please offer me an explanation of what will happen in Gaga’s career for the 18 months between wrapping filming and the release of the film if it isn’t LG7.  Heck, she even launched Enigma right before award season for ASIB.  Plus, with Joker II in October 2024 and award season culminating in the Oscars February 2025, that would mean Gaga would be on the top on mind for the GP and thus summer of 2025 would be the perfect time for a tour.

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I hope we won't wait until 2025 for a new album. Ideally, it will be a dark pop album, like TFM. I also really hope for an ARTPOP project for the 10th anniversary.

I'll accept anything from her, as long as it's not another jazz album. I want original music, not covers.:patrizia:

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Honestly I'd be happy with whatever she does, as long as she's fully committed and it actually makes her happy. Be it a glam-rock album, a metal album, a bunch of collaborations or back to dance pop. 

Ideally I'd prefer an Italian-disco pop album for Spring/Summer 2023 with Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson as the main producers and Giorgio Moroder over-seeing the project, with Nija Charles (Rain On Me, Positions) along as the main co-writer to keep it current. It doesn't have to be long, 9-12 strong tracks with three radio-friendly singles which help promote the album and can be easily incorporated into her Vegas residency. 

As for the latter half of 2023, I'd love Gaga to actually release ARTPOP: ACT II (Tenth Anniversary special) similar to the BTW 10th anniversary special but a bit longer.  She said she has 90 tracks for ARTPOP, so picking the best 10-15 songs and reworking them with DJWS to shut us up once and for all would be a dream. I wouldn't expect a traditional album release, promotional tour or video releases, I'd rather she just release the music and let the fans enjoy it, similar to Nicki's 'Beam Me Up Scotty' mixtape.

I really think Gaga will be pregnant for late 2023/2024. She's always wanted to be pregnant and I think Michael is the one. Plus, I'd love her to have a break before Joker 2 press tour begins because that is going to be a rollercoaster. After that, I'd love a original Jazz album from her. I think she's more scared of this than anything, especially without Tony no longer peforming but if she managed to do it and win over the critics (jazz can be more snobby than pop), she'd secure legends status for life.  

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