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Stevies Cockatoo

i will come back here if she doesn't do a rock album and i wilL CRY!

she/her, your iconic lesbo
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It’s so funny how we literally have zero clues about LG7. Like not even a sliver, not even a drop.

Please tag @FATCAT if you see anything that needs updating! Legacy Thread  

let’s go LG7 #2025radioisours

2 minutes ago, DoctorScent said:

We're waiting for a new insiders that knows nothing but still get us hyped as always 🤣

Now that a discussion is up on GGD, it won't be long before the rumor threads start rolling in...

Purr more, hiss less.
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1 minute ago, Lemondeduerl said:

So, is the Chromatica era officially over? what a journey. Do you think we'll have LG7 before Joker 2? 

0 chance. I'm surprise she hasn't teased anything about a new album during tour. She starts filming in Nov/Dec so she will be doing that for a few months. I don't think she has an idea what the next album will be like. I can see it happening in 2025 to be honest.

If you have some rad remixes you made laying around, send it to me!!
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Julien Lockhart

During house of Gucci she said she knows what she wanted but she wasn't ready to talk about it

She started writing during the lockdown

He ate my heart
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