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Gaga sends love to Miami fans on IG

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I feel so bad for everyone in the audience and for Gaga herself, cause they weren't able to fully experience the show (and the fact it's the final show is even more devastating), but I know she made that decision because she loves us and she cares about us. And I know she made a right decision.

It's really sucks to end the era this way. :saladga:

I just hope everyone is safe. :kara:

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Lady Dimitrescu

Chromatica Forever :pawsup: I’m so glad no one got hurt. Like Gaga said I couldn’t imagine what she would do if someone did. It’s not the way she wanted to end the tour but I’m proud of her for using her judgement and ensuring everyone was safe. It sounds like too unless I’m mistaken she waited until the last possible moment to end the show too. 

Stressed, depressed but well dressed (sometimes).
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This video she posted oh my god... makes me cry. This was such a sad ending to the era :messga:

If you have some rad remixes you made laying around, send it to me!!
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Mister G

Good for her doing the right thing. Some of these disgruntled fans across the globe and on Twitter especially that criticized her for doing this can literally go kick rocks over how stupid and irrelevant they are. This woman sacrifices so much and nothing is ever good enough for them. The right thing was safety over finishing the last 5 songs. Heaven forbid people got struck by lightning or the lightning struck part of the equipment and caused a massive fire, she would have been dragged to death for endangering her fans. We love her, we appreciate her and while this is sad she has gained nothing but more of my respect for showing that the safety of her audience came first over risking their lives. Also, people need to learn the big f***ing difference between canceled and cut short.

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This is the perfect send-off to a chaotic era. The tour was amazing and Gaga was on absolute FIRE (I attended Tokyo and San Francisco).

Im proud of her for cancelling the show and taking care of the fans. I also salute her for having the balls to make the announcement herself.

And even more proud of little monsters for supporting her. Chromatica has been such a rollercoaster.

We are all alive. That's what matters. Now we wait for the video release 👀

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Glad to see Gaga isn't in that self-destructive mode anymore. I understand she feels the need to apologize for it because of her past.

This woman fainted multiple times, kept going, puked, kept going, snot dripping, kept going, hit on her head with a pole, kept going, pouring rain, kept going, tore her hip  kept going. It's admirable, but it also caused her so much pain, mentally and physically. 

It's OK to be responsible and I'm happy to see her in a place where she can be at peace with a decision like this.

Happy that the show wasn't canceled bases on weather forecasts to begin with and fans at least got most of it.

According to Gaga I'm a ****ing rad bitch
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