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First Hocus Pocus 2 official scene revealed


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7 hours ago, Lady JarJar said:

not the first picture having tits on a face... very kid unfriendly methinks :river:


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19 minutes ago, monketsharona said:

They are basically the ones who makes any movie not enjoyable to live.

Honestly I'm done reading any movies / series critics or people opinions online. 

I miss the 90s / 2000s for this tbh. Any entertainment was much more enjoyable.


I agree. I read reviews of Thor Love and Thunder how it was a mess and how the director was given an unlimited budget and it was a mess. That review stopped me from watching it in the theaters.

When it came out in Disney+  AND i saw it, it was a genuinely enjoyable suoer hero show. It wasnt remarkable or amazing but it was entertaining, full of action and would have been amazing to see in the big theaters.

Sometimes social media is just so stressful to see all complaints about something. 

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7 hours ago, skaxboy said:

I know it’s a straight to steaming movie about a popular okay movie, but why not just let the fans give input on the story. Like with anything. Take Star Wars, what a lackluster conclusion. I am certain there is amazing and logical fan fiction. 

Either way, I’m still gonna be watching this as soon as it comes out. I’m happy to see the Sanderson sisters have so much Halloween merchandise. Plus, they are represented in the parks. 


Oogie Boogie Bash! I wanted to go this year but ended up going summer and it was so hot. 

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Hocus Pocus has been my all time favorite movie since I was about 5. This version looks lower budget/more Disney channel original movieish than the first. 

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13 hours ago, thierryrreiht said:

Feels like a Disney Channel movie.. The editing is odd, and the humour is soooooo on the nose it's predictable. Pity.

It totally has those vibes. Very low budget. When I saw it wasn’t going to cinemas I knew this would be bad. 

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20 hours ago, SS77 said:

I keep telling everyone in regards to this film, to not expect an A grade cinematic masterpiece. The original release was an initial flop, released during summer, that eventually gained a cult classic following over time.


20 hours ago, Meat said:

It’s just a Disney+ movie made for fun. Not people expecting a cinematic masterpiece :air:

I think everyone is pretty clear that Hocus Pocus is not some pristine, esteemed piece of cinema. It was darker and campier than your average Disney film and released in the summer, which can explain its initial box office failure. It has grown in popularity because it was made with craft, heart, and wit, and those aspects (as well as the gorgeous Halloween aesthetic) have aged extremely well.

The clips and trailers of HP2 so far smack of relying too much on nostalgia. That is a valid criticism, hopefully the film itself expands beyond repeating the same jokes as the original.

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