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Gaga's character will fight to death with Danny Trejo in Machete Kills

Lyzz the Monster

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MTE i already see the Madonna , Brintey fans making gifs of of them killing GAGA ... already predicable.

Exactly what I thought.

Well, we had a lot of gifs of Gaga shooting Justin Bieber with that scene where he dies in some series he featured in, I guess karma just came back for us haha

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Operation kill the b---h.....

Ooo I am super excited for this.I enjoyed the other movies for what they were....

Lets go take a howl at that moon🌙 -Crowley
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Galactic Mess

Omg she's gonna die and take part on an action scene?? I'm totz watching this!!! :excited2:

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Los Angeles, United States. - Danny Trejo said that in the movie 'Machete Kills' will be a lot more action and surprises as his character, 'Machete Cortez' death has an encounter with 'The Chameleon', a killer played by Lady Gaga.

"Lady Gaga is one of the murderers trying to kill me. Even she has a tattoo on the upper arm is a picture of my face and down says must die Machete (Machete Must Die)".

From the quote my understanding is that Machete does die (possibly at the hands of Gaga) but then his character is brought back to life or something. So that doesnt necessarily mean she dies if she was able to exit the scene before he came back to life or something but I hope that with this information it means that she has a decent sized part in the film. Obviously part of a bigger group and certainly not a MAIN character but atleast a supporting ensemble

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