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House of the dragon premier's tonight


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The time jump will be next week (episode 6) and HBO released a preview of what Rhaenyra and her husband will look like. Dont click if you dont want to see them as adults but then again, we saw what they looked like already but not their chemistry together. It's so hilarious to see the relationship between the two and you can see Rhaenyra debating if she wants to stab her husband or not lol


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Yes, the dragons look amazing. [But if they build up a cute female dragon queen the whole season as a savior and then have her burn an entire city and then be murdered by her lover, then I will n

It all went downhill after they ran out of books and did stuff by themselvesย ย  This show won't have this problem thankfully, so I have faithย 

Is there very graphic sex scenes? My sister and brother in law are gonna watch it and Iโ€™m not sure if I should watch with themย 

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