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Your top 5 unfavorite songs from ARTPOP?


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Dead body
2 minutes ago, Ophelia said:

btw, can't wait for top 5 unfavorite songs from TFM 


Love them all, but (from "worst" to best):

1- Monster

2- So Happy I Could Die

3- Telephone

4- Bad Romance

5- Teeth



1- Fashion! · Childish lyrics, the instrumental lacks something, and the chorus is flat.

2- Donatella · The lyrics are a choice, but it's the chorus that ruins the song for me, it's so bad. The post-chorus is great though!!

3- Swine · her voice sounds weird here and there, and the song sounds too raw overall, it really lacks depth sonically

4- Mary Jane Holland · sounds a bit too busy as the mixing is quite bad, the post-chorus is unnecessary and the chorus is flat. The verses are great and the bridge is a masterpiece.

5- G.U.Y. · once again, the chorus is very flat and it makes me wanna fall asleep, I also dislike the first bridge with the Bad Romance "sample" (the "touch me" part is revolutionary though)

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Do we really need this kind of energy :samanthac:

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Honestly only Jewels N Drugs and Donatella

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MANiCURE - It just sounds too basic for me 

Jewels N Drugs - Simply a mess. :triggered:

Applause - Way too boring and basic compared to the other superior tracks on the album. 

Aura - I really like this song but its in the bottom 5 for me in ARTPOP. It just sounds too messy and rushed. They should have cleaned it up.

Fashion! - Again, I really do like this song but its bottom 5 for me. Too basic and seems a bit out of place with the EDM driven album

trolly troll troll
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Surprised at the amount of people saying Venus, it's one of my faves! For me it would be 

- Jewels N' Drugs: I find this one insane that it made the album, skip it every time

- MJH: Just feel it a little bland

- Dope: I hated that she changed the demo version for this, too much mention of drugs in the album imo

- Sexxx Dreams: just never got the hype

- Gypsy: I do kind of like this but it's my guilty pleasure, the messy ending is fun tho

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Jewels n Drugs



Sexxx Dreams

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Jewels N Drugs


Sexxx Dreams



Aura (honorable mention)

I dislike most of them because of the overproduction. I was impressed with the versions performed at iTunes festival until I hear the final album version it was a total turn down:messga:

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1. Do What U Want

2. Do What U Want

3. Do What U Want

4. Do What U Want

5. Do What U Want

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both album versions are blasphemous compared go their live/piano versions.

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