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Plants made to grow efficiently in complete darkness

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Earlier this week, scientists at UC Riverside and the University of Delaware say they found a way to cross a seemingly impossible barrier when they convinced plants to grow in total darkness.

A university press release says the team used a two-step process to convert carbon dioxide, electricity and water into acetate. Plants consumed the acetate and were able to grow in the dark.


The release said that combined with solar panels to generate electricity, this method of food production would be more than 18 times as effective as the natural process, which they claim uses only 1 percent of the energy found in sunlight alone. 

"We sought to identify a new way of producing food that could break through the limits normally imposed by biological photosynthesis," corresponding author Robert Jinkerson said in the statement.


Source - https://futurism.com/the-byte/plants-darkness-artificial-photosynthesis

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1 hour ago, LeJudas said:

I can't believe they made the plants gay 


Yeah, growing inside the closet can be very difficult :bradley:

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1 hour ago, Economy said:

More genetic modifications to food... yay :selena:

I also thought of this ngl. :poot:

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