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Gaga heading to Toronto (Aug. 5)

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chromatic puzea

wrong thread :messga:


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hard to even fathom which parts you should believe
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32 minutes ago, RAMROD said:

Canada better serve! We won't forgive if there's another mass power outs :triggered:

We’re a sold out show we will be serving!!

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1 hour ago, Ivy said:

Is this a new bodyguard? .. just wondering :glamourpuss:



Or choreographer.

Shocked Friends GIF

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I never owned hoodies before until i discovered how comfy they were in my 30s and started to care less what people thought of me while wearing them.

You go and dress comfy Gaga, all snuggled in the plane while the others seethe.

Going in public spaces with no bra is what freedom feels like. 

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5 hours ago, Pop Music said:

Hope the North America run goes smoothly 

even though my show is only 9 days away i'm so scared of it getting cancelled last min 

Glad mine is tonight! However, after the **** show that was Covid, I think she’s being extra careful so that doesn’t happen. I wouldn’t worry! I was worried for tonight and yet here we are, it’s actually HAPPENING! :heart::firega:

We’ve had tickets since 2020 pre-sale!

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16 hours ago, Mother of Puppies said:

do u remember what interview that was?

I can't remember exactly! But I think it was one of the Chromatica interviews from a couple years back. I remember her saying something like "I used to have a really hard time taking off the wigs and clothes"


But I also found this from the Itunes Festival which is in a similar vain


I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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