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Unsealed Documents Show Disturbing Things Suppressed From Depp/Heard Trial

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We been knew that they’re both at fault in regard to abuse in their relationship. Unfortunately, merely figuring out who abused the other was not the point of the court case or ruling. 

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I'm going to admit I've been uncomfortable with the misogyny I've seen exhibited toward Amber Heard and how people, even friends of mine and people whom I respect on this site, have commented on the t

Honestly...some of this stuff genuinely should make people uncomfortable. I maintain what I've said all along...there was lying, shadiness, and dark things that were done on both sides of this and yet

To summarize: - Depp manipulated photos of his own injuries and submitted them into evidence - Depp accused Heard of doing the same, proven to be false - Depp edited and manipulated audio


I never believed him for a second , the way everyone flipped on her was Incredibly sexist and disgusting. 

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