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Celine Dion: As queer folks, what is your relation to her?

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3 hours ago, Vincem said:

The thing is her husband was very protective of her image. He didn't want to shock her core fanbase in Quebec which was basically made of "des petites madames". When Britney popped up and changed the game, Mariah took a more teen pop turn, while Celine played the mother card (for faaaaar too long). The Miracle album, wtf. After A New Day Has Come, she came out very bland. At least the show in Vegas was WOW. But her early work and nineties discography is pure gold. Since René died, she really blossomed for the best. 

I have always wondered how could she turn out if she wasn't under such control from René. I mean there are so many hidden gems in her catalogue that shows potential for a vast genre span (With this tear, Fade away, Refuse to dance etc.) Btw do we know anything about the scrapped Phil Spector Falling into you concept? 

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I'm brazilian and learned to love Celine because my mom used to watch the DVD (pirate ngl :oops:) of her Vegas concert veeeery much, and it really is a masterpiece, a lesson if you may

as I grew up I started listening to her more often, and even though she's doesn't belong in my holy trinity (Cher/Kylie/Gaga) i LOVE her, and would totally see her live whenever I get the chance

a b1tch gotta have some taste to be able to appreciate such an icon :ohwell:

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Kim Petrus
1 hour ago, Vincem said:

Well, she's not the only one tho. All the american singers have been part of the god gimmick at some point. They're almost all straight and get kids too. We love them for their voices, their songs, what they make us feel and the clothes they wear. 

Of course they all do! But Celine really integrates her husband and her family into her narrative in a way that no one else does. I mean.. remember the burial



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28 minutes ago, Kim Petass said:

remember the burial

Yeah, that was something special. Celine is kind of treated like a royal figure in Québec. Her wedding was telivised like Royals in England. The René funerals fit in this relationship we have with her. I mean, René got National Funerals. 

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