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The Mind Prison of Chromatica - CHROMATICA BALL Poster series 2/3

Warhol Killer

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Warhol Killer

A brutalism-inspired poster, showing the head of Gaga as the prison warden of the Museum of Brutality. I am very much inspired by the brutalist vector art and considered it as a style for this poster since her tour stage is in Brutalist architecture. It is also inspired by the Just Dance backdrop of The Chromatica Ball tour!

The poster is titled "The Mind Prison of Chromatica", and is another poster that is a part of my 3-piece poster series for the Chromatica Ball tour. (2/3)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CgeuxOmLqAX/

soundophobic polite | soundfanatic dancefight
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Joshie S

I love this, well done :vegas:

The melody that you choose can rescue you ♥ #FreeKesha
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Ohh wow this is so cool!! Saw some more of your work on Instagram and you should really consider opening a web shop or something where you can sell your designs!

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