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Hauslabs teasing skincare on Tiktok?

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Stupid Oreo


I’ve seen multiple comments like this and they replied to mine too, but they are always so vague. What do we think girlies

GIF by VH1

flop gun maverick era
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Lady JarJar

gaga knows i need it

Wah wah auh auh auh wo ma wo mama jar jar auh auh auh, meesa want bad romance!
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so as someone who knows nothing about anything, what's the deal with this ingredient? :oprah:

mother, what must i do?
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2 hours ago, Meat said:

Its an amazing ingredient. I can't believe they managed to add it to makeup. 

what's fermented arnics? 

haus botanica is upon us!

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I'd totally buy a matte sunscreen, love those. I rarely find them so the only one I use is Eucerin or Neutogrena right now.

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Arnica is an anti inflammatory flower that’s been used in medicine for ages. Also Gaga is using it against her chronic pain. 

Just a side note regarding the rumor: they always interact with everything, I guess it’s part of their marketing plan because they know fans will go crazy over it. I would take it with a grain of salt. When they relaunched, they specifically declared the brand as makeup with innovative skincare ingredients. They’re probably expanding it with a range of foundations or BB/CC creams that contain arnica for example. 

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I misread this title/preview as


"hauslabs testing skincare on...





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I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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