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Marilyn Monroe covers CR Fashion Book in Balenciaga


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I actually love this and keeping her memory alive as a model alongside the other things she also contributed to is very cool.

I mean the people saying “remember her for more than just a pretty face” aren’t realizing this…is a FASHION cover. She was a FASHION ICON. Of course they’re gonna reimagine her in fashion. It’s not just her being a “pretty face” she was a literal icon.


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They exploited her and treated her like a product when she was alive and they still do it 60 years after her death. It's like Marylin is more of a brand than a person. Tragic.

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12 hours ago, Omar Vela said:

She is d3ad and an icon. She is not being bothered since there's no such thing as ghosts or souls

But that's a thing called dignity and respect for the dead who have no voice to oppose to something like this. 

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