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LG7: which genres would you blend?

Why am I on GGD

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Rock with literally anything other than pop I'll take rock/bluegrass over another pop album tbh

I am into house Gaga, again

I’d love some disco, soul and traditional house music. I really think it’s about time she did a much less electronically made album. like imagine a full disco album with a live band, ugh

Aga Gydal

I think it’s time she move into more experimental sounds but with a theatrical twinge - I love Kate Bush and David Bowie and I think she has similar musical instincts. I’ve filled my cup of dancepop and soft rock ballads from her so I want her to throw caution to the wind and make something a little bolder. I think it’ll help graduate her fanbase from needing to compare her to her peers constantly. 

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