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I Saw Top Gun: Maverick And It Played HMH 3TIMES!!

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Yup yup    The first one is the single version, parts of it, early in the movie.   The second one is the instrumental orchestra version. The volume is a bit silen

I’m going this Sunday to see all the hotties 

Just saw the movie and I wouldn't necessarily say 3 times... You quietly hear the single version a first time on a radio, then the musical cue is sprinkled across the film as some sort of a love theme


That movie, masterpiece. “Talk to me dad” :messga:

They picked the perfect person with Miles Teller. Tom Cruise needs an Oscar for this, period. 

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24 minutes ago, ProfessionalClown said:

That movie, masterpiece. “Talk to me dad” :messga:

They picked the perfect person with Miles Teller. Tom Cruise needs an Oscar for this, period. 

the way i came for the score, stayed for The Beach Scene, and left in tears?? that movie is so good it made me forget i’m the opposite of interested in tom cruise and the navy lol.


regarding HMH, like many have said, part of the single version plays in the background during one of the flirty tom / jennifer c scenes about halfway through the movie. there are also instrumental bits throughout the entire film (that you can listen to now on the soundtrack as of an hour ago!!) that really resemble HMH at times, but i’m not sure it’s ever the same exact melody. then the movie version plays during the final scene going into a cast montage. after the “i heard from the heavens” line, the montage ends, top gun appears on the screen, and the main credits start with the top gun theme (which gaga somehow got a credit for on the soundtrack?!?! queen!!). like those youtube clips, the movie version is basically the first verse, the chorus, the classic gaga repetitive stutter bridge (not the second bridge), going into the high notes and then the end. i was so glad that the “i heard from the heavens line” was in the movie version. it’s such a perfect and emotional end to the montage and to the entire movie. and somehow it flows perfectly into the top gun theme / main credits

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Finally got to see the movie tonight. I squealed when they showed Gaga's name on the opening credits. My gf was taking a gulp of her drink and therefore not looking at the screen and was like, "wtf?" Lmao, I was like umm GAGA!

I love that the instrumental variations of HMH were scattered so many times during the whole thing! I wasnt expecting that since I only read a bit of this thread before others mentioned that's how much it played.

The movie itself was really good. A bit predictable at times, but I like that sometimes. Some of these action movies nowadays have so much going on that I get lost (not really my type of movie) so I liked that this had a good balance between storyline and picture.

On 5/24/2022 at 5:30 PM, elijahfan said:

Now I'm curious to know if Gaga composed other musical cues for the film, or if she got a credit simply because they incorporated her composition in the film score.


On 5/24/2022 at 7:01 PM, SwissMonster said:

Also regarding Gagas part in the score. Judging by the soundtrack credits, Gaga was involved in almost the whole score, not just the HMH cues

I'm confused because I was watching the credits like a hawk, and in the beginning her name appeared as "Music by" along with HZ, but in the end credits I'm pretty sure she only appeared in the credits for the HMH song, whereas HZ appeared as a composer (or some other title I'm not rembering, but not along with her). Im not doubting her involvement, just curious as to how it may be credited on the credits and what not.

On 5/24/2022 at 9:31 PM, Lady JarJar said:

any muscular women for the lesbians????

Maybe Phoenix as some mentioned. But she didn't do it as much for me. I think I'm getting too old so my brain is like "you're older now, don't be a creep looking at the 20 something year old girls" lmao. Jennifer was beautiful as she always has been though. But all I could think about is her in Labrynth versus now haha.

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