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Your Top 25 Gaga Songs?

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Pop Music

I personally like to keep updated with my fav gaga songs and their ranking so I decided to retake the Tumblr song sort quiz once again and figure out my favorite gaga songs in order (warning this is a lot of fun but takes a lot of time, click at your own risk https://kyrnk.tumblr.com/gagasorter

after like an hour I got my top 25 and made it into a playlist (which I have done for my top 5 favorite artists so far, with gaga always being my fav) 

it goes as follows 

1. Gypsy 

2. Plastic Doll 

3. Sexxx Dreams 

4. G.U.Y 

5. The Edge Of Glory

6. Dance In The Dark

7. Boys Boys Boys 

8. 911 

9. Venus 

10. Fashion Of His Love 

11. Marry The Night 

12. Judas

13. Hair 

14. Just Dance 

15. The Queen 

16. Scheiße 

17. Speechless 

18. So Happy I Could Die 

19. Alejandro 

20. Free Woman 

21. Bad Romance 

22. Is That Alright? 

23. Mary Jane Holland 

24. Sine From Above 

25. 1000 Doves 




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1. Aura

2. Scheiße 

3. Venus 

4. G.U.Y.

5. Government Hooker

6. Sexxx Dreams

7. Do What U Want 

8. Dancin' In Circles

9. Paparazzi 

10. Replay

11. Babylon


13. Alejandro 

14. Angel Down


16. Applause

17. Mary Jane Holland 

18. Heavy Metal Lover

19. Teeth 

20. Bad Romance 

21. LoveGame

22. Enigma

23. Glitter and Grease 

24. Brooklyn Nights

25. TEA

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54 minutes ago, Pop Music said:

1. Gypsy 

2. Plastic Doll 

3. Sexxx Dreams 

4. G.U.Y 

7. Boys Boys Boys  

21. Bad Romance 


Well some choices were made here lol


Papa I know you're going to be upset. Cause I was always your little girl
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1. 911

2. Alice

3. Venus

4. Perfect Illusion

5. Paparazzi

6. Telephone


8. Mary Jane Holland

9. Stupid Love

10. Paper Gangsta

11. Monster

12. Bloody Mary

13. Judas

14. Heavy Metal Lover

15. Electric Chapel

16. Aura

17. John Wayne

18. Poker Face

19. Lovegame

20 Bad Romance

21. Speechless

22. Dance In The Dark

23. Replay

24. Rain On Me

25. Just Dance

Not in any particular order btw.

Any pronouns
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Lady Gaga 2009

1. Paparazzi

2. Just Dance

3. Poker Face

4. Bad Romance

5. Shallow

6. Rain On Me

7. Perfect Illusion

8. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

9. Marry The Night

10. Scheiße

11. Heavy Metal Lover

12. Million Reasons

13. Venus

14. Always Remember Us This Way

15. Fun Tonight

16. Alice

17. Applause

18. Aura

19. The Edge of Glory

20. Starstruck

21. Telephone

22. Boys Boys Boys

23. Speechless

24. LoveGame

25. Dance in the Dark

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1. Bad Romance

2. Marry the Night

3. Poker Face

4. Always Remember Us This Way

5. Heavy Metal Lover

6. Bloody Mary

7. Scheiße

8. The Edge of Glory

9. Rain On Me

10. Is That Alright?

11. Babylon

12. I'll Never Love Again

13. Do What U Want

14. Perfect Illusion

15. Aura

16. G.U.Y.

17. Paparazzi

18. Just Dance

19. Alejandro

20. Venus

21. Dancin' In Circles

22. Just Another Day

23. The Cure

24. Angel Down

25. Heal Me

Love it when you call me legs In the morning, buy me eggs
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Bad Romance

Born This Way


Do What U Want


Poker Face

Heavy Metal Lover

Rain On Me

Sexxx Dreams


Mary Jane Holland



Boys Boys Boys

Government Hooker


Perfect Illusion

Stupid Love


John Wayne

Dancin’ In Circles



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not in order…

1. Bad Romance

2. Is That Alright?

3. The Edge of Glory

4. Always Remember Us This Way

5. You and I

6. Speechless

7. Diggin My Grave

8. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

9. Paparazzi

10. Bloody Mary

11. Government Hooker

12. Scheiße

13. Princess Die

14. Applause

15. Swine

16. Dance In The Dark

17. Alejandro

18. Just Dance

19. Sinners Prayer

20. La Vie En Rose

21. Someone To Watch Over Me

22. Million Reasons

23. Shallow

24. The Cure

25. Heal Me

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Dr Fudge
Posted (edited)

This was so much fun and really got ya to think about comparisons across albums that you wouldn’t normally think about. Like apparently in my brain The Fame and Diamond Heart are on the same level of ambivalence lol.


Anyway… apparently lots of shared slots. Can’t say I’m surprised.


1. Heavy Metal Lover

2. Marry the Night

3. I Like It Rough

4. Monster

4. Speechless

4. Dance in the Dark

7. Shallow

8. Boys Boys Boys

9. Alice

9. 911

11. Paparazzi

11. Poker Face

13. Replay

13. Babylon

15. Rain on Me

16. The Edge of Glory

17. Alejandro

18. Mary Jane Holland

18. Dope

20. Bloody Mary

21. Stupid Love

22. John Wayne

23. Do What U Want


25. Music to My Eyes

25. Diggin’ My Grave

25. Always Remember Us This Way

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Roughhouse Dandy
Posted (edited)

I admit this list o' mine is a lil wild but I SAID WHAT I SAID (💜)

1. Dope

2. Speechless

3. Replay

4. Again Again

5. Bad Romance

6. Brown Eyes

7. Paparazzi

8. Venus

9. Fashion!


11. I'll Never Love Again

12. Rain On Me

13. Look What I Found

14. La Vie en Rose

15. Just Another Day

16. The Fame

17. Plastic Doll

18. Swine

19. Donatella

20. Applause


22. Aura

23. Poker Face

24. Disco Heaven

25. Diggin' My Grave

Edited by Roughhouse Dandy
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Posted (edited)

According to my Last.FM...

1. Hold My Hand

2. 911

3. Love For Sale (Live At Westfield)

4. Bad Romance

5. Free Woman

6. LoveGame

7. Scheiße

8. Aura

9. G.U.Y.

10. Heavy Metal Lover


12. Love Me Right

13. Replay

14. Venus

15. Sexxx Dreams

16. Stupid Love

17. Born This Way

18. Judas

19. Babylon

20. Enigma

21. Paparazzi

22. Poker Face

23. Alice

24. Do I Love You

25. Mary Jane Holland

Edited by MANiCURE 6
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21 hours ago, Pop Music said:

(warning this is a lot of fun but takes a lot of time, click at your own risk https://kyrnk.tumblr.com/gagasorter


I was 78% done with this last night and fell asleep. It reloaded my page and I have to start all over :toofunny:

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Posted (edited)

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1 Marry the Night

2 Babylon

3vGovernment Hooker

4 Heavy Metal Lover

5 Scheiße

6 Judas

7 Mary Jane Holland

8 Applause

9 Rain On Me

10 Bloody Mary

11 Perfect Illusion

12 Yoü and I

13 911

14 Sexxx Dreams

15 G.U.Y.

16 Replay

17 Aura

18 Venus

19 Shallow

20 Black Jesus † Amen Fashion

21 Is That Alright?

22 Sour Candy

23 LoveGame

24 John Wayne

25 Look What I Found

When we're not together tell me everything's gonna be alright
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Six 57
Posted (edited)

I do not listen to Gaga enough to have this prepared, but I'll go through her discography now and try to pick them since I am so bored right now. Most of these are just in album order except for the ones at the top which were what popped into my head immediately.

1. Perfect Illusion
2. The Edge of Glory
3. Marry the Night
4. Judas
5. Alice
6. Replay
7. Enigma
8. Diamond Heart
9. Sinner's Prayer
10. Grigio Girls
11. Just Another Day
12. Jewels N Drugs
13. Do What U Want
14. Fashion!
15. Gypsy
16. Applause
17. Bloody Mary
18. Fashion of His Love
19. Highway Unicorn
20. Electric Chapel
21. Heavy Metal Lover
22. The Queen
23. Monster
24. So Happy I Could Die
25. Dance In the Dark

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