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Chromatica Ball Tour - Miami [Sept. 17] (Hard Rock Stadium)

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7 minutes ago, Intoxicated6 said:

:shocked: what in the Millie Brown hell!? - I would had puke right back at them lol

That’s what I said! Apparently it was a hit and run. They puked on her and ran. :rip:

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I was getting wheelchair assistance and I wanted to get merchandise after I had found my seats so the nearest elevator required us to go backstage. On the way back from merchandise I saw Gaga and a fe

It was better this way. Imagine if the last show of Chromatica Ball had someone in the audience dead by lightning. This would traumatize everybody including Gaga. So it was better to end the show with

On 9/18/2022 at 3:56 PM, Live4DaApplause said:

That’s what I said! Apparently it was a hit and run. They puked on her and ran. :rip:

Number one reason why alcohol should never be allowed at these shows. I know I sound like a prudish old lady but emetophobias are real and no one should have to deal with that level of disgust at a show they paid $$$ to be at.... that being said lets hope that neither one is too traumatized.

Something similar happened to me (someone else being sick around me) at a live Tony Bennett show and ruined my night and a lot of other people's lives nearby. 

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