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Monkeypox outbreak reaches the US

Morphine Prince

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8 hours ago, Magic Mike said:

Wow surprisingly just at the same time as UK, Portugal (5 cases) and Spain 

I’ve been reading people calling it a GAY disease :patrizia:

All people so far in PT or UK identify as men who have sex with men 

are we back to the witch hunt?

This actually hurts my heart. We are only just now starting to reduce the spread of aids and have developed vaccines and eradicated the majority of the stigma around gay men as being 'diseased perverts'. The last thing we need is another 'gay disease' (or another disease to worry about catching from sexual partners). Please god just f.ucking no. No :smh:

I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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12 hours ago, LateToCult said:


Pack it up fruit cups. Hot boy summer is canceled. :madge:

I mean if gay/bi men are at higher risk so far what is the issue?


Doctors also single out men and women all the time in things to keep an eye for if one sex is more prone to a problem than the other it does not mean they are being sexist

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8 hours ago, RudraCNG said:

please please please I'm begging you tell me something positive about this. Tell me these won't be a Covid-2 case again. I can't with it anymore and I think I'm about to lose it . I don't need this in my life.

There’s evidence that the Smallpox vaccine offers some protection from Monkeypox. The sudden outbreaks have mostly been sexually transmitted so its not mirroring Covid outbreaks at all. 

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