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Croatian president against Sweden and Finland joining NATO

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33 minutes ago, Emvee said:

Its no better than religion. Blind allegiance to a social construct. 


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I'm from Croatia and I can say this is very very false.  How can you tell we are playing for Russia? Our prime minister was in Kyiv with Ukranian president literally 10 days ago, supporting them

I've noticed My American brain is fried just reading these posts

So this is not true. Croatian president Expressed this idea but he is not the one making the  decision . Croatian government will support their membership and Croatian ambasador to NATO will Vote yes

58 minutes ago, Emvee said:

Nationalism is such a poison :toofunny:

Its no better than religion. Blind allegiance to a social construct. 

Funny thing is this president is Social democrat and liberal. He was liberal PM 10 Years ago and was elected on completly liberal platform and political views. What happend to him in the last few month nobody knows but he started to lose support ( although still most popular ).

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Posted (edited)

NATO needs to get its **** together and kick them out.

We all know who are the main contributors to NATO. So these few countries that are playing games with finland's security should be kicked out and it won't have an impact on NATO combat readiness. Cohesion is very important. And if you're dumb enough to not see the russian threat like the rest of NATO, it's time for you to be shown out the door.

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