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Taylor Swift - Carolina

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taylor del rey

why does she try so hard to lower her voice like that, it's unsettling cause her voice's not the kind to go so low and deep without sounding like Dory imitating the whale in Nemo but I'm excited

Lona Delery

lana inspired taylor is the best taylor i love it:rockstar:

Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind, I wanna get off but I keep riding the ride
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22 hours ago, Tinnitus15 said:

Oh wow she really be hitting those low notes 

Female vocalists usually develop a stronger lower register as their voices age, and she’s 32 so it’s right around the time that would start to develop. Gaga, Beyoncé and even Katy have had a noticeable improvement in their lower range. 

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I consider myself a huge Taylor fan but this song caught me by surprise... Awesome ethereal Lana influenced song. Wow, she keeps on getting better and better. As Alyssa Edwards would say.. BEAST!

sassy drag race GIF by Tazo Tea

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