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September 13, 2022 - Houston, TX

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Ugh I’m so tempted to buy a ticket for B or F sections since they’re dropped to $161 and everywhere else they we’re going for over $500 I think….

But then this is Houston and I have a feeling this show is not going to be sold out so maybe if I wait I can get them for cheaper…. 

Hottie Detector
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When she was walking to the B stage during Free Woman I was standing in right behind the rope and blew her a kiss, and she looked at me and gave me one back   One of the best nights of my life 

Decided to just spontaneously buy a ticket for myself! Going alone and I'm super excited. The last time I saw Gaga was the Monster Ball in San Antonio, which was 11 and a half years ago!!!

One of the most emotional moments on this tour   


Hi! Long time no see! i am heading to Houston tuesday morning. I should be there by noon to get in line. Little Monster Zone!!!!!!!!! 😎🤓😎🤓😎🤓😎🤓

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16 hours ago, AndreL said:

Selling 1 GA PIT ticket for the Chromatica Ball in Houston, transfer through Ticketmaster, hmu if interested ! 🙂

I’m interested, how much are you selling it for? I really want it

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Have fun everyone in Houston. Pack up extra cash, in case there's new merch item again. :flower:

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ start from the bottom, now I'm vers (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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If anyone would want an upgrade on your ticketmaster tickets, call 800 653 8000, which is the ticketmaster fan support. The number is busy all the time, and it took me about 100 calls to finally get through but got my section 111 tickets upgraded to floor B tickets for 10 fee per ticket.

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4 minutes ago, AUARAOFSHEISSE said:

F*ck it I’m buying a ticket :fthis:

Come on gays we need this energy. Buy the tickets and sell out the god damn stadium

I Can't Stop Me
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1 minute ago, Peroxide555 said:

How many tickets left?


Just now, Meat said:

Only 2,500 tickets left for Houston. Remember when it used to be like 14k? :air:


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