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Putin invades Ukraine

Magic Mike

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⬆️(He’s the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister) United Nations secretary-general António Guterres has made a direct plea to Russian present Putin, saying: “In the name of humanity bring your troo

omg. This is so damn frustrating...war in Europe...never thought our generation would witness this. Praying for Ukraine and the people there and I am praying this is not a bloody long lasting war...go

The 2020’s decade has brought out the worst qualities in humans.  


Dmitry Rogozin suggested Russia will change the name of the Kuril Islands to Varyag.


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It's wild how often the map shifts but nothing changes all that much. Can this thing be over already :saladga:

a well-made wiener is a thing of beauty.
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23 hours ago, PartySick said:

It's wild how often the map shifts but nothing changes all that much. Can this thing be over already :saladga:

Yeah, we are talking about small villages, fields, forests etc being switched from one side to the other on a daily basis, these localized developments are hard to see on the bigger map. The only times when the map visibily changed were probably during the first 2 weeks when the Russians took control of the south, then when they retreated from Kyiv and the north. After all, Ukraine is the second biggest country in Europe... If a country of the size of Switzerland or North Macedonia etc was invaded instead, the details would have been more easily visible obviously.

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