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Putin invades Ukraine

Magic Mike

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Mother of Puppies

I’m speechless. It’s 2022 for ****s sake… humanity is insane and the dumbest species there is

You can call me Lady MOP
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⬆️(He’s the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister) United Nations secretary-general António Guterres has made a direct plea to Russian present Putin, saying: “In the name of humanity bring your troo

omg. This is so damn frustrating...war in Europe...never thought our generation would witness this. Praying for Ukraine and the people there and I am praying this is not a bloody long lasting war...go


German media reports that Kyiv, the capital, is currently under missile fire of the Russian Air force and several civilians, including a 14 year old girl, have died as a result. There's an incredibly graphic clip of the girl getting blown to pieces going viral on Twitter as we speak. 

There are unconfirmed reports on Twitter that Ukrainian government buildings are specifically under ceasefire, with "black smoke" emitting from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

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The Fame Monster

Fellow GagaDailians… Be very mindful when browsing social media at the moment. Many videos might be false as the Russians want to spread fear in order to make Ukraine surrender.

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Lady Dimitrescu

It’s scary how we had a global pandemic then are on the brink of war. Very similar to the Spanish Flu and WW1 (although it was the opposite way around, WW1 happened then Spanish Flu came after).

I’m praying for Ukraine. 

Stressed, depressed but well dressed (sometimes).
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15 minutes ago, The Fame Monster said:

Don’t wanna ruin a perfectly good song for anyone, but I couldn’t help to think about it when I was listening to Marina…

Is Putin a Primadonna girl?

This is not the time for joking. Please. We are scared.

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I have Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh roots. Right now I feel completely ashamed of the action of the Russian people and of Putin. It is not only Ukraine, but also Moldova (Transnistria), Georgia and other countries of the Soviet Union that have suffered from the tyranny of the Russian Federation. This whole issue of wanting to recover their land and ban homosexual propaganda sounds like Nazism, in the middle of 2022. Now it is Ukraine and then it will be the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. While all this is happening, the European Union, where I have nationality, looks at the problem condemning on Twitter, when 80 years ago everyone came to save the peoples invaded by Hitler. It is a shame that almost 50 million people are left without protection, waiting for Putin to take Kiev and thousands of people to die. How can there not even be embassies of this country for the EU right now? Or business deals? Russia must be completely isolated and its own people must overthrow their dictator.

A part of my family lives on the border with Russia, in Ukraine, and they are currently sheltering underground since there are military bases nearby and there is danger of death. Luckily, my grandmother came to Spain on Monday to wait for the conflict to end, but there are many people who do not have the financial resources to leave there. My Ukrainian family, they don't even speak Ukrainian, we all speak Russian, we don't care about the border, 20 years ago we were all the same, what we don't want is Putin, what we want is the EU, they want to live with the rules of the first world, not a Nazi.

Russians have always been racist and supremacist, with their own people, during the Soviet Union they treated the Ukrainians as inferior and especially the Kazakhs, who suffered harassment in their own country for being different. 

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5 minutes ago, MOT said:

Shocking events in Ukraine. Putin is an exceptionally bad guy.

You should see how much my country loves him and blames America for everything!:saladga:

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  • Magic Mike changed the title to Putin invades Ukraine

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