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Mattel Wins Back License On Disney Princess Toys From Hasbro

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Mattel shares jumped Wednesday after the toy manufacturer said it won the license to make toys based on Walt Disney's princess lineup, including the popular "Frozen" franchise.

It marks a significant triumph for Mattel after it lost the license to rival Hasbro in 2016. That sparked a period of financial troubles at Mattel and active turnover in the C-suite.

Mattel's stock was recently up more than 6% in premarket trading. Hasbro was down more than 1%.

Mattel will start selling new Disney toys in 2023, and the business will be managed by the same group that oversees its Barbie franchise. Financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

Mattel said the new licensing deal builds on its existing licensing relationship with Disney for Pixar Animation Studios' "Toy Story" and "Cars" franchises, as well as the recently announced global licensing agreement for "Lightyear."



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Good! Now they better serve great quality fashion dolls and none of those molded on clothes they used to. Give us good live action dolls too.

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BUtterfield 8

I mean look at the material

Left is Hasbro and right is Mattel (except for belle that’s the reverse)

I’m so glad they got their license back 


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I'm so happy for this! As a Disney doll collector, my prayers have been heared! Hasbro never did an accurate job and, it wasn't until this year that they started the Style Series collection and Villains dolls which made us see that quality was greater. Anyways, let´s see how this goes but yas! :staymad:

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