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Nicki Minaj lawyer accused of cyberstalking

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Jennifer Hough’s attorneys, Blackburn and Steven Gordon, sent a letter to Judge Eric Vitaliano, and they made some shocking allegations against Judd Burstein (Nicki Minaj's lawyer).

Gordon said he was almost forced to resign from the case because Burstein began targeting his wife and harassing her.

“As a young attorney, I could have never fathomed the types of harassment and threats that Mr. Burstein has employed against me, personally,” Steven Gordon complained.

“An example of his deplorable behavior stems from his sick obsession with Mr. Gordon’s wife,” Blackburn said. “Mr. Burstein went scrummaging through the comments section of youtube posts in search of comments posted by Mrs. Gordon.

“Not only was his act of cyberstalking Mrs. Gordon creepy, but it was also weird and beneath the dignity of this profession,” Tyrone Blackburn said.


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3 hours ago, Teletubby said:

shocking allegations

Are they really shocking tbh? Given that he's Nicki's lawyer in particular? 

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Given that they've harassed Jennifer it's not really shocking to me that they'd target her lawyers too. 

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Not the lawyer defending a threats and harassment case also being a harasser. Nicki the Midas touch but for criminals me thinks :triggered:

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